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continue to climb in california. help could be on the way. report out this morning shows prices in san francisco $4.74 for regular. in oakland and san jose, $4.68. higher since yesterday. governor brown has ordered immediate action, urging the selling of cheaper winter blend to start earlier than usual. senator feinstein has asked the ftc to investigate the hike. more on that in a live report. >>> the first nobel pooh -- nobel prize of the year are being announced this morning. the committee says two research remembers have revolutionized the understanding of how cells and organisms develop. the committee will be announcing other awards throughout the week. >>> president obama is coming to the bay area today to make a lash dash for campaign cash before the november election. signs are springing up outside the hotel in san francisco where he has an event late afternoon. then the civic auditorium for fundraising concert and rally headlined by john legend. before the concert, $20,000 per person dinner prepared by celebrity chefs. attended by 49ers quarterback smith. >>> last night the pre
there is no fog. in southern california a man recovering in the hospital after falling off a water slide. this happened yesterday afternoon at six flags in santa clarita. officials say the 19-year-old cut in line, went last lifeguards then jumped into head-first instead of feet-first. halfway down he fell off the 75 feet tall slide. park officials say he was not cleared to go down the slide and did not receive instructions first. >>> new this morning, new york lawmakers have launched an investigation into locating sets of master keys to the city that ended up for bid on ebay put up for sale by a new jersey lock the city nor 150 they grant access to subway gates and firehouses men to be used by new york city firefighters to get by locked passages when responding to emergencies. authorities are concerned the master keys may be used by terror groups. it is not clear how the locksmith got the original set. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's book goes on sale this morning he's talking how he ruined his marriage. during his inch view he opened up about the affair with the family housekeeper and the s
. >>> san bruno city council unanimously voted to recommend getting rid of the head of the california public utilities commission. city leaders hope it puts pressure on the regulator and governor. latest fallout from the 2010 pipeline explosion. john alston has details. >> it is a disgrace. >> reporter: the mayor of san bruno talking about how he thinks the california public utilities commission is handling the aftermath of the devastating pipeline explosion that killed eight people two years ago. survivors watched as the council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the head to quit are be fired. >> i can't bring my daughter back. i'm so happy that they are able to stand in front of everyone and support basically the what the city needs. >> reporter: the city is faulting cpuc president for suspending public hearings to determine how much pg&e might be fined and blaming the regulator for poor oversight. george mitchell was brought in to mediate. the resolution accuses peavy of a backdoor deal. now the mayor wants mitchell and his law firm to step down. >> when they came out to talk they
because they represented an insurance company involved in the negotiations. they say the california puc picked of him el to mediate without consulting them. >> eric: hurricane sandy is going through the caribbean leaving more than 30 deaths in its wake. you see the ominous skies as sandy approaches. by the time the storm reaches the u.s. it could be much more powerful. katie marzullo is in the storm track. >> reporter: some are calling it franken storm. it's very scary storm ahead of halloween as a category 2 hurricane. it has killed 21 people across the caribbean and 11 people in cuba. you know the bahamas are next. then the east coast of the u.s. is in harm's way more ways than one. experts say sandy could join with other systems and form a super storm. they could expect high winds, heavy rains and extreme tide and maybe snow beginning early sunday and things should peak with the arrival of sandy on tuesday. >> it does bring a lot of rain and builds it up. it could possibly be worse than isaac out there. >> reporter: isaac hit louisiana in august you will remember as a category one st
and is a staunch supporter of prop 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. gay rights supporters plan to protest outside today's event. he is due in court next tuesday to face a d ui charge in san francisco after -- after being stopped in august. >>> protest will be held at google over its decision not to remove an anti-islamic movie clip from youtube. the movie produced by a southern california filmmaker sparked violent protests overseas. they are asking google which owns youtube to take the 13 minute trailer off the cy google refused. >>> -- the a's preparing for baseball's post-season they enter as the american league champions west. the a's and fans celebrated yesterday after the team swept the rangers to win the division title on the final day of the regular season. >> it is fan fast take, unbelievable! it been coming for 20 years this is great. >> been waiting for the a's to get back we are going to do it this year. >> come back and how else can we do it today, come back if behind. >> does it get any better? improbable season for the a's climbing from 13 games back of first place three mon
in southern california shortages around california. while the wholesale price has gone up a dollar a gallon you and me buying retail have only felt 30 cents of that so far the prices could jump up far more. >> $5:19. i can't count that high for 89, not even many >> i have to talk to my customers and tell them -- these prices are going to be higher. >> reporter: nationwide prices are easing down. prices are up here in california. also on the east coast, it is bad and it is going to be getting worse. if you have a smartphone you might want to download the app gastil here we are -- gastil if you feel like driving three miles from in location several hours ago the prices were $4.19, you can save a bundle of money if you smoke around as smokey robinson once said you got that shop around. i'm not promoting this, i've got nothing to do with high prices going higher the next four to seven days >>> highway patrol shutdown two far right lanes until the fire was put out, nobody was hurt. >>> jobs report due out in an hour is expected to take on extra significance th
the space shuttle endeavour's final home in southern california, when we return. >>> here's this morning's tech bites. >>> the push is on for windows 8 microsoft running television commercials you can already preorder the new operating system, available on the 26th, along with the new tablet. kindle customers may be getting a refund result of settlement between three book publishers and state attorneys general over,-book pricing. first courts have to approve. -- -- e-book pricing. first courts have to approve. >>> they got good voice actors, graphics that capture that victorian england feel and the plots of sherlock holmes feels like you could read them in a story. >> the game is available for windows as well as other >>> i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. on our way to a nice day near 70 sunny skies if the city, low to mid 80s inland, 78 san jose, 80 santa rosa felt like fall over much of the nation only 57 in chicago today, tomorrow 70s along the eastern seaboard. >>> this is amazing. daredevil skydiver plans to spend the next few days relaxing after a supersonic death defying jump. tha
, black boots, red top, pink braces on her teeth. >>> police this southern california say a man who was set on fire appears to be an innocent victim this is just released video from last friday outside a long beach market. you can see the victim on the left, man walks up and tosses molotov cocktail, setting him on fire victim in critical but stable condition with serious burns. no word on why this attack occurred. >> las vegas police zeroed in on a man suspected of stealing 1.6 million dollars in casino chips. they identified him as 31-year-old man of southern california he walked into the venetian casino october 10th, pride open a chip container police say it is unlikely he will be able to redeem the chips since casinos are always on the lookout for them. >>> major change in cancer testing that affects millions. why they may not have to visit the doctor as often as they've been told. >>> race to save grape crop. >>> storm is bringing dreams of ski season to come. conditions skiers will face if they are thinking of an early trip to the sierra. >>> scientists listening to whales, the
&e. >>> bear of a night a northern california neighborhood. why authorities are -- bear of a sight in a northern california neighborhood. >>> microsoft now has its own music streaming service x-box music available now in the console and will come with windows 8 later this month. $10 a machine. nintendo cutting price of 6-year-old wii and will throw in two games for $130, new verse is coming next month for twice as much. both will be on sale for holidays. -- international trade group says u.s. subscribers pay more -- bumgarner's skydive, most viewers ever on youtube eight every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands
a california surfer has been attacked by shark yesterday's attack happened near eureka, look at his surf board that tells the story. last week a southern california surfer was killed by a great white. the eureka surfer is reported in stable condition. >>> 4:57. huge day in the bay area, hours from now san francisco will honor the giants with a ticker tape parade. another live look outside at preparations the fans who are getting an early start before the parade. >> they cannot wait. we have team coverage, coming up. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-
report have been blacked out. >>> in southern california orange county prosecutors decided against filing criminal charges against an anaheim police officer who shot and killed a 23-year-old that preceded two other officer involved shooting this summer that sparked days of protests. last year prosecutors say the officer feared for his life when he shot and killed a known gang member. the officer says he was reaching toward his waistband. the suspect did not have a firearm. >>> tonight is the night. the presidential candidates are preparing to take the stage in denver. 50 million viewers are expected to tune in. brandi hitt is live in denver with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. the countdown is underway to the biggest showdown we've seen in the race for president. the gloves came off weeks ago as both out on the campaign trail. tonight we see round one of the debates. >> we can't afford four more years of the last four years. >> reporter: after weeks of attacks on the campaign trail. >> the president: we don't get far when we have leaders who write-off half the nation as victims. >>
departure delays out of newark, all other major airports even regional california airports on time. >>> the top u.s. counterterrorism adviser will visit libya today to discuss the investigation of the attack that left four americans dead last month. chris stevens was killed with three other americans. the senior white house adviser john brennan is planning to meet with the president of the libyan national congress as well as army intelligence and other foreign ministry officials. american fbi agents traveled to tripoli a few days after the attack to join the investigation. domestic political upheaval from the country held up their visit to benghazi for more than two weeks. >>> this morning a judge is expected to sentence jerry sandusky to live out the rest of his days in prison. he released an unapologetic statement last night. t.j. winick is covering the sentencing. >> reporter: he regrets not taking the stand after being convicted of 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse against 10 boys. for the last three months he's been spending time in jail writing a statement he plans to read t
to its retirement home at the california science center. it is a complicated move. endeavour is traveling 12 miles it is going to take two days for the five story 165,000 pound shuttle to reach its destination. >> moving something the size of the shuttle with a 78 foot wing span through city streets is maybe not rocket science but not far from it. >> reporter: in south l.a. along the route, crews cut down hundreds of trees and dozens of power lines were removed, major roads closed, traffic diverted. the city placed restrictions on where the public can watch saying streets are not wide enough for the shuttle and crowds. endeavour will park at the shuttle display pavillion until the permanent display is finished. one final mission for a shuttle that traveled more than 100,000 miles in space. tahman bradley, abc7 news. >>> in l.a. they are not having the sprinkles we've been having that could complicate the situation. >> not today. drier for them starting today through the weekend. they probably timed that as best they could between these storms. embarcadero center, cloud cover out there, mo
the company of enrolling in an automatic refill service without their knowledge. california joins two other government agencies looking into the claims. cvs says it is company policy to get direct approval from customers before they are enrolled in the service. >>> stiff richmond may go after compensation from chevron for damage from the fire in august. the council considering a resolution urging the oil giant to come up with a community compensation package. the fire sent more than 15,000 people to the hospital. in the days after the fire, chevron set up a hotline and claim centers where individual residents could file for monetary compensation. >>> reward offered in san francisco for stolen puppy. this is violet, the spca says the 10 week older -mix appeared yesterday. workers are concerned because violet hasn't received all her necessary vaccinations there's a $500 reward. >>> more trouble for the u.s. postal service. why it has run out of money to borrow. >>> u.s. diplomat killed in libya honored in san francisco, the apology offered by a top libyan official. >>> doctors begin testing w
free runs through sunday. >>> california sea lion is back in the ocean after nine days of recuperation. the sea lion nicknamed blonde bomber, was released yesterday. the bomber waddled towards the water, looked back as if to say good-bye then jumped into the pacific, never looking back. the blonde bomber had the strap around its neck more than a year. now a new life, new chapter begins. >> aloha back home. >> from hawaii? >> yeah, all the way, vacation time. >>> developing news here in san francisco, shots fired at officers trying to make a traffic stop. >>> the main suspect in a richmond high school gang rape facing sentencing today. >>> the eye in the sky rpep
marijuana. >>> southern california man who broke out of jail and his wife have been officially charged by bay area authorities in the murder of a hercules woman. they have been charged in the death of susie ko in her home october 5th. the couple was caught in her stolen suv. washington was waiting sentencing when he broke out and started his trek north. he's also accused of shooting at a los angeles county deputy. >>> six were hurt in an overnight in san francisco. this morning they are in stable condition. the crash happened shortly before 10:00 last night on 18th and pennsylvania in the city's potrero hill neighborhood. the vehicle rolled over and ended up on 280. it closed one southbound lane of 280 and the mariposa off-ramp for a time but has cleared. >>> occupy oakland protesters plan to march on to frank ogawa plaza it was a year ago today police tore down their encampment, prompting violent clashes. 100 were arrested. today occupiers will does in all black and take over the plaza at noon followed by a march tonight at 7:00. police will let them go as long as it stays peaceful. >
california. clouds more stubborn along the coast, cooler, mid 60s half moon bay to san francisco, low to mid 70s bay shore, three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. if you are traveling today cooler weather taking over eastern 2/3 of the country. as of last night, the latest reports we have of this morning, 7500 flights canceled into the northeast, today, tomorrow and wednesday because of what sandy is going to do when it becomes a hybrid storm today. at home low clouds, probably will have flight into sfo as soon as we know we'll let you know. >>> right now more about breaking news on the east coast. hurricane sandy is approaching and 50 million are in the storm's path. katie marzullo is tracking the storm and its affects from our newsroom. >> right now the abc station in new york is reporting 5500 people are without power in new jersey. the storm hasn't fully gotten to that state yet. we have a live look right now this the pier in atlantic city, new jersey you can see waves pummeling the pier there, getting stronger by the minute. president obama has signed an emergency declaration for
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